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Bivouac Catering

Bivouac Catering

Bivouac Catering is a French company established in 2000 by several catering professionals.

The Bivouac adventure started with the demanding market of rallying. Catering for this sport discipline has enabled Bivouac Catering to acquire a unique expertise combining quality food, catering on the move and the “Bivouac” touch. Cooking and serving tasty meals in the middle of nowhere requires meticulous planning. This expertise is being used to cater at sporting events, music festivals, television productions and film shootings as well as at road shows abroad.

Bivouac Catering is now considered a major player in the event catering sector in France and able to meet any catering needs the event organizer might have:
from large happenings to intimate VIP events!

How to reach us:


BP 85, Av. Pierre Auguste ROIRET 69 290 Craponne
Lyon (France)

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