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Travelers who venture with us will be surprised by the unique quality of our execution and services. We are committed to pushing boundaries in order for you, as a traveler or company looking into new destinations and ideas-to have an unforgettable experience that changes their perspective on life forever!

The professionals here at Farscape can't wait until all clients come see what makes them special: away from home service; luxury vacations tailored specifically toward one's needs (whether it may be relaxation time alone); Incentive trips where excitement is guarantee every step along each professional turf we provide.

With three successful divisions focusing in Meetings and Conferences, Incentives and Events and Luxury Travel Holidays, we provide unique and unparallel services.

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Katerina Farmaki



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You need a quick response? Contact your mate over this contact form and we garanty an answer within the next 24 hours.

(Please note the time zone differences of the country you are contacting. In some cases it may exceed the 24-hour time period.)