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PAS - Professional Aviation Solutions GmbH

PAS - Professional Aviation Solutions GmbH

PAS – we are an experienced, motivated team of experts for flight solutions.

Founded in 2013, PAS GmbH is based in Cologne and is part of the Canadian Sky Link Group of Toronto – which is a global charter broker with more than 25 years of experience in over 60 countries.

The PAS team joins up more than 120 years of experience in the aviation industry, combined with a passion for high service quality, professionalism and is well connected and known in the industry.

Our flight programs, no matter how complex they may be, are tailor made to the needs of our clients. Reliable, fast and trustworthy.

How to reach us:


Lustheide 85
51427 Bergisch Gladbach

Personal contact

Ulrike Kiesler

+49 2204 70606-45

24h Service

You need a quick response? Contact your mate over this contact form and we garanty an answer within the next 24 hours.

(Please note the time zone differences of the country you are contacting. In some cases it may exceed the 24-hour time period.)