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Sarah Kaspar

Sarah Kaspar

"The Blue Voice" - a world class singer

Sarah captivates with the uniqueness of her voice, her phenomenal presence and a captivating charisma, with which she knows how to cast a spell over her audience again and again.

She founded her first trio, the "Sarah Kaspar Trio", in 2012, with which she interpreted cover songs from Amy Winehouse to Ella Fitzgerald as well as her own titles.

As a soloist in her later formations from duo to quintet, she inspires audiences today with an elegant mélange of jazz, soul and swing.

Her passion for musical crossover is just as great as her passion for interpreting well-known classics.

Today, she provides the musical framework for events all over Germany, but her performances are also in demand internationally for award ceremonies and gala dinners.

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Sarah Kaspar

+49 8028 904 1992

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