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Travel Feel Greece

Travel Feel Greece

"Travel Feel Greece" is a travel provider and destination management company. We serve the fast-growing travel industry and we build relationships with Clients that travel to Greece, travel agencies, tour operators and well-known online travel portals. We drive Group Travel and travel for Meetings, on Incentive programs, for Conferences and Congresses, and for Events (MICE).

We have one of the strongest travel networks in Greece. That network allows us to optimize the full inbound and outbound potential of our market and ensure we are perfectly placed to recognize and develop new and emerging opportunities for and from Greece.

We put our knowledge of Greece’s travelers and local booking trends to work for our Clients. We work where our Clients work and speak our Clients' language in more ways than one. We understand what succeeds best in our local market in Greece and for local business needs. Dedicated to efficiently delivering what our Clients and Suppliers need when they need it, we strive to always find the most relevant solutions.

How to reach us:


8, Alexandrias str.
17235 Dafni

Personal contact

Piperis Lisa

+30 211 2216512

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