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Live Impact Eventmarketing

Live Impact Eventmarketing


You hire us to make your business meetings more fun and therefore more effective. Live and online. Sounds simple, but we've thought about it. Because often, campaigns and events do not produce enough results, they are not fun enough for your target group to stay top-of-mind, or you cannot measure the end result. And we think that's a waste of your investment.

At Live Impact we therefore do things differently than the rest of the Netherlands. Since 1998 we think up refreshing online and offline concepts and produce complete campaigns or events that stand out and really deliver. Think of relationship days, staff parties, kick-offs, product introductions, open days, conferences, team building sessions or incentives.

Meetings with a creative and original story. That make you enthusiastic, that attract the target group and give them energy. That respond to the brand and the corresponding emotions. Because at the crossroads of message and experience, the impact is still maximum.

How to reach us:


De Gruyterfabriek // The Bigger Office // Entry “F”, Room 4109
Veemarktkade 8
5222 AE ‘s-Hertogenbosch

Personal contact

Robin Hensen

+31 085 401 401 4

24h Service

You need a quick response? Contact your mate over this contact form and we garanty an answer within the next 24 hours.

(Please note the time zone differences of the country you are contacting. In some cases it may exceed the 24-hour time period.)